suffer the heat / suffer from the heat


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Hi all!

Which is the correct or most common way of saying this? (Referring to someone who can't stand the heat?

Suffer from the heat
Suffer from heat
Suffer the heat
Suffer heat

Thanks a lot!

  • elroy

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    I would say

    "I had to suffer the heat." - meaning I had to endure the heat.
    "I suffered from the heat." - meaning I was in pain because of the heat.

    I can't imagine saying either of the above without the article.


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    We can also say,
    suffer from overheating = not well because of too much heat

    But for all of these, we ususally just say, "She has heatstroke." It's true that heatstroke is an actual condition, but I've heard the term used carelessly for any number of symptoms of overheating.

    If you want to get a little funny, depending on the circumstances, you can say, "He's too hot!" which also means that he is too sexy.

    Hope this helps,