1. Alephbethgimel Senior Member

    Comment traduire en anglais "suffisant" (un travail scolaire), entre insuffisant et satisfaisant à bien?
  2. Novanas Senior Member

    English AE/Ireland
    I think this could vary from country to country. When I was in school in the U.S. our system was A = excellent, B = good, C = fair, D= poor and F = fail. I can't say what it would be in other places.

    So perhaps the term you could use here would be "fair".
  3. Alephbethgimel Senior Member

    Thanks a lot for the information.
  4. Tooronga Senior Member

    UK British English
    I know this is a long time ago, but for information, "Suffisant" would be "Satisfactory". i.e. not good but not totally unacceptable either

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