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  1. ubal Senior Member

    Hi everyone,

    I've found this sentence and I am not really sure if the sentence is right.

    -My cat got sterilized and the doctor suggested me this special cat food to avoid that the cat gets fat.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Chris K Senior Member

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    No, it's not correct. Better choices are "special cat food so that the cat doesn't get fat" and "special cat food to keep the cat from getting fat." "Avoid" would be awkward.
  3. Cenzontle

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    Also I think "suggest" generally doesn't take its indirect object without "to".
    You can't say "suggested me" the way you can say "told me".
    Instead it will be like "...the doctor suggested this special cat food to me to keep the cat from getting fat."
    (The tendency is for the direct object to be right after the verb, so the indirect object ("to me") normally would wait until after the direct object ("this special cat food").
  4. inib

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    As an alternative to keep, you could also say "(so as) to/(in order) to prevent the cat from getting fat/putting on weight".

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