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  1. hanne Senior Member

    In this thread you can either suggest new resources that you think could make a valuable addition to the Resources & F.A.Q. thread, or you can encourage others to suggest a particular kind of resource that you're looking for.
  2. Wilma_Sweden

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    Lund, Sweden
    Swedish (Scania)
    A wonderfully efficient way of searching for Swedish words in general is the new tri-dictionary search from the Swedish Academy (all monolingual Swedish dictionaries): – Akademiens ordböcker

    You search simultaneously in the three dictionaries published by the Swedish Academy, i.e. SAOL (Svenska Akademiens Ordlista), SO (Svensk Ordbok) and SAOB (Svenska Akademiens Ordbok), and you can use wildcards to find compounds or parts of words, e.g. *nörd or språk*, but also to find missing letters for crosswords - try s?r?k...
  3. qiaozhehui

    qiaozhehui Member

    English - American
    I took the Högskoleprov last month and considering I have only been in Sweden for 1 year I think I did pretty well (i.e. I didn't completely fail!).

    The most difficult part, for obvious reasons, was the "ORD" section where one's knowledge of difficult and obscure Swedish words and phrases is tested.

    As a native English speaker I fared pretty well on the words with latin and french origins, as well as the words that were pretty much just English words with Swedish spellings.

    But the hardest part for me was the Swedish idioms on the test. Two examples of idioms from the test I took are:

    1. sätta sitt ljus under skäppan
    2. få sina fiskar varma

    Because phrases like this are idiomatic, it is all but impossible to guess or deduce their meaning without having previously encountered them. Therefore I'm wondering if anybody knows of any resource (book, webpage) with lists of Swedish idioms like this?

    Of course I'm interested in improving my score on the test, but more importantly I'd like to be able to recognize such idioms when I hear them on TV or in conversations. Since taking the test last month, for example, I've already heard the expression "få sina fiskar varma" twice.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  4. AutumnOwl Senior Member

  5. qiaozhehui

    qiaozhehui Member

    English - American
    Awesome! I didn't realize Wikipedia had a list like that. And I'll check out that book you mentioned, too.

    Thanks a bunch!
  6. Wilma_Sweden

    Wilma_Sweden Senior Member

    Lund, Sweden
    Swedish (Scania)
    If it's any consolation to you, I didn't know that one either, although I usually score high on vocabulary tests.

    Many of them are 'translated' in the Norstedts online En-Sw/Sw-En dictionary, which is free of charge.
    The obvious way to practise is of course to test yourself on previous issues of Högskoleprovet. There are some on, and if you google for "gamla högskoleprov" (with the quote marks included) you'll get a fair amount of hits...! :)
  7. hanne Senior Member

    In this thread you can post suggestions for resources that you think would be useful additions to the Nordic languages resources & F.A.Q.

    You can also use this thread to suggest a new category (music, old dictionaries, news media on a certain topic, etc., etc.), and then hope that someone else will have specific suggestions to help fill that category.

    When you suggest a link, you should also give some background information: what kind of site is it, what category label would it fit under, why do you think it would be helpful to learners, etc.

    Once a link has been added to the resource sticky, your post in this thread will be deleted.

    If for some reason you prefer to make your suggestion privately, you can also use the Report Post icon at the top of this post to get in touch with a moderator.

    Thanks in advance for any contributions.
  8. Alxmrphi Senior Member

    Reykjavík, Ísland
    UK English
    Regarding Icelandic, the following links are broken:

    Dictionaries: - Spanish - Icelandic Dictionary. - Concise Old Icelandic - English dictionary

    LiveMocha has got a good introductory course for Icelandic here:

    These following links are also dead.

    Reading: - Norse texts, verses, &c. - Sagas

    This grammar link is also dead: - Brief grammar lessons with exercises.

    So it needs to be updated :)

    There is also a set of videos online called "Viltu læra íslensku?" (Do you want to learn Icelandic?) which can be found @ vimeo here (links can be accessed from the side-bar)

    <Thanks. New links added. I'll remove the other ones when I've had time to check if they've moved, or have actually disappeared (any help with this task is appreciated ;)).>
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  9. nickleus New Member

    American English
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  10. boubouoz New Member

    english, french
    I already have few good website for verbs conjugator like lexin and verbix, but none of them give the perfekt participle.
    Does anyone know a good site?
    Tack så mycket.
  11. Seikun

    Seikun Senior Member

    Chile - Castellano
    Does anybody know any sites to learn modern Icelandic on the net?
    I have been learning Old Norse, beautiful language, but the lessons are limited, just introductions to Old Norse.

    The thing is that most of modern Icelandic lessons I have found are hard to understand, specially when it comes to declensions, some omit many things like one is suppoused to know from previous research what declensions are and how they work.

    If somebody knows any site that explains things the easiest way I would appreciate it.

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  12. Alxmrphi Senior Member

    Reykjavík, Ísland
    UK English
    Look in the resources thread in Nordic Languages, it's full of amazing stuff.
    The best one is by far the online course that is run by the University of Iceland, which is at

    But yeah, the lessons are usually quite hard to understand, it's difficult to break through, but with a background in Old Norse, you'll have no problem~!
  13. Seikun

    Seikun Senior Member

    Chile - Castellano
    Thank you^^
  14. ThomasHC New Member

    English - America
    Hello, I'm new here. I speak English and Spanish and I've been learning Swedish for a few weeks or so, and I've managed to come a long way with online material. However, I've been searching for a good book, one that takes the time to explain grammar and usage details and such. So far, I haven't really been able to find many nice ones, and so I've come to ask: Does anyone know of such a book? Suggestions highly appreciated. Tack.
  15. TimmyP New Member

    Hei alle sammen!
    Er det noen her som har lært nynorsk i voksenalder?

    I så fall hvilke bøker har dere brukt.

    Takk for hjelpen,

  16. Dutchie 020 New Member


    I'm Dutch and I'd love to learn the Swedish language. Somehow it appeals a lot to me.
    Its sounding also sounds extremely cute.

    Where should I begin?
    I look forward to a reaction,

    Dutchie 020.
  17. Chevyx New Member

    Español Chileno
    Quizás me haya equivocado de subforo. Si es así, porfavor que algún moderador lo remueva al lugar correcto según el contenido.

    ¡Saludos!, soy un chico de 14 años. Nací en Santiago de Chile y mis amigos me conocen por 'Chevy', como los automóviles.
    Siempre he usado esta web para mejorar mi ortografía y saber los significados de las palabras que no tengo conocimiento.
    Hasta ahora sé un inglés intermedio, y unos muy básicos francés y alemán. Pero definitivamente, lo que necesito y quiero aprender, es islandés, y es por ello que me he creado una cuenta en el foro. Tengo la visión de estudiar pedagogía en castellano e ir a Islandia, para enseñar español. Por ende, debo aprender el idioma nat
    Quisiera saber si hay manera de que pueda aprender este idioma, por este medio, o algún programa o recurso, que me faciliten. Desde ya, muchas gracias.


    Hi!​​, I am a 14 year old boy. I was born in Santiago, Chile and my friends know me for 'Chevy', as the car.
    I've always used this site to improve my spelling and know the meanings of words I have no knowledge.
    So far I know an English through my school, and some very basic French and German. But definitely, what I need and want to learn, is Icelandic, and that is why I've created an account on the forum. I have the vision to study education in Castilian and go to Iceland, to teach Spanish. Therefore, I must learn the language.
    I wonder if there is any way I can learn this language, by this forum, or a program or resource that you can provide to me. Thank you very much.

    (I hope that I have written ok)

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  18. Tazzler Senior Member

    American English
    ¡Bienvenido al foro!

    La mayoría de los miembros entienden algo de inglés (al menos), así que sería mejor, en mi opinión, que escribieras tus mensajes en inglés. No deberías preocuparte si tienes miedo de cometer errores. Todos estamos aprendiendo aquí. En todo caso, me interesaría mucho saber por qué has escogido Islandia como el "lugar de tu futuro". ¿Qué tiene que te atrae? Debo hacerte una advertencia; el islandés es un idioma muy difícil. Pertenece a la misma familia que el inglés, pero hay muchas diferencias. Se puede decir que el islandés es más complejo. Si tienes una comprensión básica del alemán, eso será muy útil, ya que estos dos idiomas son muy parecidos en muchos aspectos gramáticos, como el uso de los casos y los tres géneros. Y, dado que eres un hispanohablante, te resultarán más fáciles de entender algunas cosas que se dan en el español, como el subjuntivo y la concordancia de género y número.

    Si buscas en el hilo titulado "Resources" encontrarás muchos sitios y muchas páginas que se tratan de la gramática del islandés. Incluso encontrarás un curso gratis hecho por la Universidad de Islandia. Pero por desgracia son solamente disponibles en inglés. También, hay unos pocos libros del aprendizaje del islandés que puedes comprar en Amazon. Pero, otra vez, se escribieron en inglés. Y este foro es muy útil para hacer preguntas y recibir respuestas.
  19. Alxmrphi Senior Member

    Reykjavík, Ísland
    UK English
    Tal vez esto sea útil para ti.
    El sitio web comienza en Inglés, pero luego se convierte simplemente en Islandia y dirigido a todos los alumnos.
  20. Chevyx New Member

    Español Chileno
    Tazzler: I Like Iceland, mainly, by the Aurora Borealis. From smaller, I wanted to be in the presence of this phenomenon. But I will not let go of their general nature, and its peculiar language. Besides, I like cold weather.

    Alxmrphi: Thank you. This link explains the essence of language, and has helped me a lot.
  21. gvergara

    gvergara Senior Member

    Santiago, Chile
    Español är mycket bra!
  22. fsm* Senior Member

    Can anyone recommend a resource for Swedish phrasal verbs? I don't see one on the Swedish resource thread. I've just completed an excellent beginning grammar (Swedish in Three Months, published by Hugo Language Courses). It has left me hungry to learn advanced Swedish grammar, especially phrasal verbs which help one to master the language. Thank you.
  23. AutumnOwl Senior Member

    En bok: "Se upp! Lärobok: Svenska partikelverb" av Hans Holmgren Ording
  24. fsm* Senior Member

    Tack så mycket, AutumnOwl. En vän som reser till Sverige om tre veckor kanske kan köpa den åt mig.
  25. AutumnOwl Senior Member

    Finns även att beställa via svenska nätbokhandlar, du kan göra en sökning på svenska Pricerunner för att hitta den billigaste.
  26. Typiskt Member

    Tyvärr är det ju så att många av dom bara skickar inom Sverige (vet att Adlibris och Bokia gör det iaf).
  27. fsm* Senior Member

    I found the book on Pricerunner, but the shipping costs almost three times as much as the book itself.
  28. KarenRei Senior Member

    American English
    Sæl/l og takk fyrirfram fyrir hjalpuna. Er einhver hér að vita gott stað að læra íslenskan greinarmerka? Sérstaklega ég vil að læra hvernig að gera kommur. Ég oft býst við að sjá kommur þegar þær eru ekki; þaer virðist sjaldgæfar. Bækurnar mínar eru búnar að vera ekki hjálplegar. Ef það er einfaldt, að segja mér það væri nóg. :)

    Og aftur, takk!

    - Karen

    (Einnig: Leiðréttingar eru alltaf velkomnar :) )
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  29. BlueSuede Senior Member

    Får jag rekommendera en sajt för alla som uppskattar att läsa hur folk, även proffs, (miss)använder det svenska språket:

  30. Trenger trøndersk-norsk ordbok

    Som i titelen. Jeg bor i Trøndelag, og trenger noen trøndersk-bokmål ordbok som bokmål-nynorsk på LEXIN.

    Kan dere hjelpe meg?

    På forhånd takk
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  31. StunningNorway Member

    English - Australia
    I am using Quizlet to practise vocabulary. I use the Norwegian lists, but there are many languages available.
  32. Bjornharlson New Member

    English - American (Pacific Northwest)
    En ting jeg finner vanskelig som engelsksnakker er hvordan bygge nye kompleksord fra de germanske ordrøttene.
    Siden på engelsk, typisk bruker vi de latinske ordene for tekniske ting, derfor, det er letter å gjette ord i romanske språk enn i norsk.
    Jeg finner ofte at de norske versjonene er sammsatte ord lagt av mange germanske ordrøtter som for eks. "for", "be", "over" etc.

    Har noen en liste av de vanligste ordrøttene sånn?
  33. SummerSwe

    SummerSwe New Member

    Kiev, Ukraine
    Hej alla!

    Ville bara visa något för er som jag lärde mig av Speak Swedish Stupid.

    Har alltid undrat hur man uttalar verb på rätt sätt (när det gäller betoningen), alltså när rösten ska gå upp eller ner. Men nu fattar jag att när verben slutar i -er , ska rösten gå upp på stavelsen innan "er", exempelvis när man uttalar "läser" ska rösten gå upp på "lä",men om man säger "pratar" ska rösten gå ner på "pra"-

    men däremot om man ska uttala infinitivet " läsa", ska rösten gå ner på "lä" istället. Fett-enkelt! Men det fortfarande lite svårt med prosodi...

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  34. elena 1

    elena 1 Senior Member

  35. Tazzler Senior Member

    American English
  36. Boughies New Member

    Hi everyone

    I'm in South Africa, on the other end of the earth from Sweden, & with no-one to pronounce Swedish tones for me. I have been scouring the net for resources, especially audio, but there's precious little.

    Can anyone help? Paying for software, etc., is unfortunately not possible.

    Many thanks...
  37. kilton Senior Member

    English - American
    Are you looking for Rosetta Stone-like pronunciation guides or just general audio of spoken Swedish? For the latter I'm an avid Sveriges Radio listener myself (
  38. Boughies New Member

    Kilton, I've already sourced quite a few suitable examples of spoken Swedish, including youtube clips of songs with English subtitles (my favourite language-learning technique - singing!) What's Rosetta Stone? I'll google it...
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  39. Stormweaver New Member

    Hello. I began learning Norwegian last week and so far I'm surprised by the relative ease of the grammar. However I find myself having a bit of a hard time with the Norwegian accent, or rather lack thereof. The book which I'm using to learn the grammar and pretty much everything is accompanied by tapes. The problem is that the dialogues aren't being read in one dialect but a number of them, which is confusing to me as a beginner and especially so when they don't caution me about it. I know that the Western Oslo dialect is considered the "standard" dialect which is taught to foreigners who want to learn Norwegian, but in those tapes they mix too many dialects and accents which is a bit overwhelming. I've been recommended by Norwegians I asked online to stick to the Western Oslo dialect since it's more prominent and has more resources for learning. I just can't quite wrap my head around how Norwegian sounds due its lack of one major dialect (which I'm used to from Japanese).

    So should I stick to Pimsleur for pronounciation and that book for grammar? Any tips will be welcome...
  40. NorwegianNYC

    NorwegianNYC Senior Member

    New York, NY, USA
    Hi, there is a book called "Sounds of Norwegian" by Karl Hofsø, I know a lot of my students have used
  41. AutumnOwl Senior Member

    Here's a page where you can listen to different Swedish dialects, and see a transcript of what's said and also see it written in "correct" Swedish:
  42. vthebee Senior Member

    English- Ireland
    Hi I use (I use it for Norwegian but there is also Swedish). It seems to be natives pronouncing different words. I find it quite helpful at times.
  43. vthebee Senior Member

    English- Ireland
    I am learning Norwegian and I am interested to buy the På vei textbook and workbook but as far as I can see it is only available in Norway. Before ordering it, as it is quite expensive, I just wanted to check is this book worth it? Would it still be useful without the CD? And does anyway know if it is possible to buy outside of Norway?
    At the minute I am using Teach Yourself Norwegian.
    Takk for hjelpen!
  44. Evelynhoo

    Evelynhoo Member

    Mandarin - Cantonese
    Hej, could you please tell me some links to Swedish audio children books?
    I have known one caled Ella Flyttar. I am a beginner learner by the way.
  45. Maeskizzle Senior Member

    USA (Minnesota) English
    Hi everyone,

    I'm curious is anyone has any information about a recent Danish spelling reform, say in the last 10 years??

    Thanks in advance!
  46. jette(DK) Senior Member

    We havn't had an actual spelling refom in recent years, but minor adjustments regularly appear in new editions of the official Danish spelling 'Bible', Retskrivningsordbogen, published by Dansk Spognævn (website:

    1st edition 1986
    2nd edition 1996
    3rd edition 2001
    and a brand new 4th edition of November 2012
    I 2003 new comma rules were introduced via a new inmpression of Retskrivningsordbogen.

    If you read Danish, you wil find information of the most significant adjustments in the new edition here:

    Were you looking for something in particular?
  47. Maeskizzle Senior Member

    USA (Minnesota) English
    Thank you! Your resources are perfect!
  48. jlang14 New Member

    Does anybody know where I can get scripts for Swedish television programs? I like watching shows in Swedish because it is helpful for learning, but it would be much better if I had access to a scrip

  49. Wilma_Sweden

    Wilma_Sweden Senior Member

    Lund, Sweden
    Swedish (Scania)
    On the SVTplay site, most of the programmes, once started, have a T you can click on, which enables subtitles in Swedish. That's the easiest way. May also be available on the 'play' sites of the commercial Swedish channels.
  50. Havfruen Senior Member

    English - American
    I've noticed subtitles are also available on Norwegian NRK TV website - click on the icon left of the volume button. :D

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