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Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by hanne, Apr 22, 2010.

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    Ég er að vinna í því að búa til vefsíðu um íslensku sem erlent tungumál. Hugmyndin er að hjálpa fólki að læra og halda áhuganum. Þetta er ekki til að selja neitt. Vona að þetta geti hjálpað einhverjum að læra.

    Kveðja, Viktor



    Hi there.

    I'm working on making a site for learning icelandic as a foreign language. The idea is to help people to learn and to keep up their interest. It's not for selling books or services or anything. I hope it's useful.

    Regards, Viktor
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    På vei books (2004 and 2012) are used almost in all language schools in Serbia and in the region. I don't know the price of them now, but they are worth the money. You can download them (with cds - 6 cds!) for free (available on a few websites).

    In my view, any language book is far less useful without cd that goes with it. Norwegian pronunciation is, at least to me, very difficult, so listening to Norwegian is a must.

    I would like to ask if there is a Norwegian dictionary with ALL the pronunciation of words? I can't find it anywhere :( has only 6235 nouns till now recorded.... I have only Google translate for now....ah!
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    English- Ireland
    Hi - thanks for your reply. I use this website sometimes
    If you search for any word it usually has a sound clip of the word. You might find it useful.
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    Tusen takk!
    Yes, I've bumped into that dictionary just a few days ago, there is a sound clip there indeed, but there's only Nynorsk—engelsk, no Bokmål—engelsk.So I have to go to Nynorsk—engelsk to see English translation, and then to Bokmål Dictionary to hear Bokmål pronunciation. :(

    There's also there is the "flower" button, which is great - they've added "bildeordliste" :)
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    I have found 'Norwegian on the web' an extremely useful resource for learning Norwegian.

    It is a free course by the University of Trondheim (NTNU), designed for students who study a year in Norway.

    I am too much of a newb here to post a link but you'll find it using Google.

  6. Vanja Senior Member

    Thank you BrMo. But this course is for those who are in Norway already, as far as I understood. I'm more interested in learning Norwegian in my homeland, since many Norwegian job websites says that having a basic knowledge of Norwegian before coming to the country is highly recommended.

    I've been using some websites and I hope it could be useful to others as well:

    online exercise:

    Grammar and many other things:
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    Dutch - Belgium
    True, the dialogues are in Norwegian and talk about students already in Norway, but the grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary sections are pretty useful if you have no knowledge of Norwegian at all.
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    Thanks BrMo, I hadn't come across those learning resources before and they look really useful :)
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    Hi lovely people.

    Any Swedish dictionaries with IPA (possibly narrow) transcription of the words? It doesn't matter whether it's bilingual or not.

    And also, does any of you know a good PDF file (possibly) about Swedish phonology?

    Thank you
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    Umeå, Sweden
    Swedish (Göteborg)
    Hello and welcome to the forums Sarknek.

    Unfortunately, I don't think we know of any such dictionary. However, such queries are very welcome to be asked in the forums. :)
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    English - American

    Thanks, BrMo. This is excellent!
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    Scotland, UK
    Here is something I have found useful, although not necessarily intended to be a resource for learning, these speeches have exact wording and a video in the top left with the King saying what is written (Some of the links don't, but there are a lot which do). It's a good resource for formal speaking if anyone wants to get a feel for how a speech or presentation is given.

    Here is an example of one:

    Nyttige læremidler :^)

    Edit: forgot to mention of course, this is for anyone interested in Norwegian!
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    American English
    Does anybody know of any good resources one can use to better understand the tone system (tonem / tonelag) in Norwegian? Your help is much appreciated!
  14. kris77 New Member

    klartale dot no , onlineaviser dot no , db dot no , nrk dot no (radio and TV apps on android, too) , UiO bokmål online dictionary , ordnett dot no , snl dot no
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    French German
    hi, in the same line of thought, does anybody know of a bokmål-bokmål dictionary (with gender of nouns, irregular forms of adjectives, irregular verb forms if possible), and preferable offline and with IPA-pronunciation? I know I ask for a lot but maybe it exists...
    I know of which is very close to what I am looking for, but any other suggestion would be very welcome.
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    English - England

    I would love to have an answer to this, too! :)
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  18. sjiraff

    sjiraff Senior Member

    Scotland, UK
    Sorry if this has been posted earlier, but here is a good link on nrk of programmes which can be viewed from abroad:-

    In fact, not all shows are even listed there so it's worth checking in the entertainment/news sections of for some shows which you might be able to watch. Many of them have subtitles, I'd particularly recommend watching a show called 20-spørsmål, it's really good for learning interesting words and a good way to test yourself, just cover your ears and shut your eyes when the word comes up so you can play with the contestants.

    I like to turn off subtitles, then if someone says something I don't understand I turn them on and check!
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    Italy, Venice
    [QUOTI ="NorwegianNYC, post: 12578414, member: 516610"]Hi, there is a book called "Sounds of Norwegian" by Karl Hofsø, I know a lot of my students have used[/QUOTE]

    Hi, I can't find the book you suggest, especially on the European market. Where can I find a copy of it? Thank you for your help

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