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Hello, everybody!
Here is a quotation from the book by Nikita Lalvani “Gifted”:

…the memory of her own ripe, freshly wed vigour twingeing through

her thoughts like a suicidal melody from a Guru Dutt film.

I’ve looked through the plots of Guru Dutt’s films but there is no mentioning of suicides there. Is it possible that a suicidal melody just means ‘heart breaking melody’ or something like this?
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    Hello Alex. Well there's this in the Wikipedia article on Guru Dutt:
    Remembering his old friend Guru Dutt, Anand quotes, “He was a young man he should not have made depressing pictures…”
    from which I assume that Mr.Dutt made gloomy films which (presumably) would have had gloomy music: 'suicidal melodies'.
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