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I would appreciate if someone help me.

What does "suista" stand for? and what language is it?

I know that context is necessary, but I do not have it.

Thanks in advance
  • Hakro

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    Finnish - Finland
    funnydeal said:
    I got some context ... well I am not sure it will be helpful

    THere is a wall painted "I have a suista in my car" :confused: :confused: :confused:
    "Suistaa" really is a Finnish verb (rather 'make fall' than 'fall').

    In this context it's not Finnish.


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    The word is Finnish, and there are two possibilities:
    There is a verb "suistaa", and the form "suista" is either the singular imperative (2nd person) or negative form of present 3rd person.
    "Suistaa" means "to derail", "to precipitate", "to swerve" or "to unhorse", depending on the context.
    Another possibility is the plural of elative (case) of the noun "suu" (=mouth) which means then "from mouths" or "about mouths".
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