suited to the rough and tumble of an angel-child

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The quote is from the story "Hyacinth" by H. H. Munro.

Speaker locked three children in a pigsty. There is an election. And speaker's father is one of the candidates. The other candidate is father of three children who have been locked in.
Speaker threated the other candidate if his father lost ,he will get the sow take in pigsty which is angry becouse of the cries of litters in pigsty locked in pigsty like the three children. In the end, kidnapper's father won and he released the children.

I did not get the point in referencing to Mexico.

Thank you.

"It is the last time I shall let him go to an election," exclaimed his mother.

"There I think you are going to extremes," said Mrs. Panstreppon; "if there should be a general election in Mexico I think you might safely let him go there, but I doubt whether our English politics are suited to the rough and tumble of an angel-child."
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    She uses Mexico as an example of another country where there are elections. (Thereby revealing that she has no idea how rough elections in Mexico can be.)


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    I think she revealed exactly how rough she thinks elections in Mexico are - she's saying he's so rough (being likely to kidnap other children and put them in a pigsty and threaten them) that he belongs in a rougher style of election.
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