Suites can be a great deal— with sofa


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The Broadway Inn $$
Impeccably clean and very comfortable, this hotel is a real winner. Suites can be a great deal with sofa, microwave, mini-fridge, and lots of closet space.

Source: Top Notch 2A American English by Joan Saslow, choose a hotel

"a great deal" means "a lot" but why don't we have an "of" after it? Because it is usually "a great deal of". I can't understand what the blue part is saying to us.

Any guidance?

Thank you.
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    From our dictionary: WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2019

    Your meaning is meaning 8.

    Deal (n.)
    8 a business transaction or arrangement: The company will make a deal with a Japanese firm.

    21. an indefinite but large quantity, amount, extent, or degree (usually prec. by good or great): A good deal of work; a great deal of money.


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    A "deal" is a business transaction.
    A "good deal" is a transaction that is good for you.
    A "great deal" is a transaction that is great for you.
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