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  1. martmad New Member

    It's possible to find a phrase in which the subject can be omitted ?

    For example:

    Tomorrow wont have anything to eat. (Mañana no tendremos nada para comer)

    Aside from that, please correct any mistake you see in this phrases or the whole text:

    Tomorrow we'll have nothing to eat.
    Tomorrow won’t have anything to eat

    PD: I think that [Tomorrow we'll have nothing to eat] It's the worst of them because it makes more sense to not have a thing, than to have "nothing".

    I mean: I cannot have "nothing" because for having I need the property of ''something". Maybe i'm wrong because the Spanish Grammar it's different, altough in Spanish you can negate twice: Yo no tengo nada. (translation) I don't have nothing.
  2. Brucio

    Brucio Senior Member

    It must be possible in theory, but in the examples you use it is not.

    Either one is correct.
  3. Wandering JJ

    Wandering JJ Senior Member

    British English
    Hola Martmad,

    Si dices "Tomorrow won't have anything to eat" eso quiere decir "Mañana no tendrá nada para comer" (como si "mañana" tuviera hambre...)

    Tomorrow we'll have nothing to eat.:tick:
    Tomorrow we won’t have anything to eat:tick:
  4. jesus antonio

    jesus antonio New Member

    Seattle Wa
    you need the pronoun "we" to make the sentence make sense.

    cuando escribes: Tomorrow we'll have nothing to eat, suena como: manana tendremos nada para comer... "we'll" es corto para "we will"

    yo lo escribiria: Tomorrow we wont have anything to eat....o...... We wont have anything to eat tomorrow
  5. echinocereus Senior Member

    English United States
    Hi, Martmad, you asked whether one could have a sentence in English with no expressed subject. A complete and correct sentence in English requires an expressed subject UNLESS one has a direct command and in that case the subject is usually implied and not stated. Example:

    “Have nothing to eat tomorrow.” (This might be said to a patient who needs to have an empty digestive system prior to a medical test on the following day.)

    Un saludo. :)


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