sulle tracce

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by ele_cilegia, Jul 19, 2011.

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    Italy, Piedmont
    i'm translating a tourist brochure and i have some difficulties with this phrase: "Passeggiata tra arte e sapori sulle tracce di Alessandro Antonelli, scelta tra le proposte de "I pomeriggi del territorio con gusto". it is so italian.

    which variant for "sulle tracce" is better: on the tracks, following the steps? "on the traces" seems very ad verbum

    My first version of this piece is " A tour to discover the art and flavours in the steps of Alessandro Antonelli, choosing among the offers of our “AFTERNOONS IN THE TERRITORY…WITH TASTE”

    but i don't like it, it doesn't sound good

    correct me please
  2. rrose17

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    Canada, English
    ...(following) in the footsteps of...
  3. ele_cilegia Member

    Italy, Piedmont
    thank you ,
    i think it is better to leave just "in the footsteps of" not to overload the phrase as it is the title of a chapter

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