Sumerian: The flood swept over


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Hello :)
Im looking for sumerian original clinoforms from shumerian king list that mean: "THE FLOOD SWEPT OVER" its line 39
I have a picture but its unpossible for me to understand.. I try to copy this line and attach a pic of this...
Can sombody who understand it will say me if i made any mistakes??? pls!!! :)


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  • yehtehrn

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    The ETCSL has a-ma-ru ba-ur3-ra-ta for line 39 in the Sumerian King List. I'd be glad to take a look at the image but I can't get the attachment to open.

    Ah nvm, I got it to open. I'll be able to check it tomorrow and can give you a tentative confirmation then. It's been a while since I've studied Sumerian .

    Rahman Gul

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    Matvey101: Is this the cuneiform script? I heard it's also used to write Elamite and Old Persian.
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