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Hi forum!!!

I understand that: spring, summer, fall, autumn, winter should be written lowercased. However, what if they are mentioned as seasons?

The Spring Season.... or
the spring season....

Which one is the correct way of writing those?

Thanks in advance for your help,
  • lizzeymac

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    If you are only referring to the time of year, e.g. 'school starts in the fall', 'daffodils bloom in the spring,' 'we go to the beach in the summer' you would not add 'season.' If you were talking about the schedule of performances for a theater company, an orchestra, or an opera company you might refer to the 'spring season' as opposed to the 'fall season' - there often is an overall theme to the program for each season.
    Fashion designers and magazines refer to the new styles for the 'spring season,' fall season,' etc.
    I can't think of any examples where you must capitalize these words.
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