sun lounger / chaise lounge / longue


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Can someone please advise the French term for beach chairs you can hire? I can't find the translation I would like as most results bring up tanning beds and the like.

Many thanks.
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    I think you can say either lit de plage or chaise longue de plage.

    PS: Sun lounger is a British term only--in American English we usually say the French term, chaise longue (or Anglicize it to chaise lounge!)
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    Thanks for the warm welcome :)

    I had to make several sun bed reservations at different beaches in st tropez for my boss.

    It turns out that 'Transat' is the commonly-used phrase in these situations (in case anyone needs to know for future reference!)

    Thanks again.
    Please note that " chaise longue de plage " isn't commonly used : we just say chaise longue. Lit de plage isn't used at all.

    Un transat (masculine, pronounce the final "t") is the most French-sounding, it is an abbreviation that stands for " transatlantique ", that type of chairs being very often found on the decks of the transatlantic liners. Beware : unE transat (feminine, same pronunciation) refers to a transatlantic race with a sailboat.

    Bain de soleil is also a very nice translation.