Sunday's omnibus


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It was Wednesday evening. Mummy time. However much I might wish it were otherwise, she always managed to get through to me in the end.
I sighed and turned off the radio, knowing I would have to wait until Sunday’s omnibus now to find out whether Eddie Grundy’s cider had fermented successfully.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

What does omnibus mean in this case? Is it a rerun of the same episode next Sunday? The book takes place in Glasgow, if it is important.
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    The omnibus edition of The Archers, the UK’s extremely long-running radio drama about “countryfolk” and farming — which repeats (with a few cuts) all of the previous week’s daily episodes.


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    Yes, but crucially, the weekly "omnibus edition" is NOT just a rerun of each of the separate daily "episodes", but rather a single programme which is an amalgamation of the episodes.