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Hello everyone,

I have seen a shop named by " sunglass hut"

But why we say" clothes shop" "spirits shop"?

I know we should say" shoe shop",

But a sunglass is just a glass, shoes=two shoes, sunglasses not two glasses, right?

Thanks so much!
  • Cagey

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    You are correct about the logic: We always say 'sunglasses' even for one pair.

    I think the reason we don't say 'Sunglasses Hut' is that it sounds odd to us. It sounds even odder than 'Sunglass Hut' even though we don't wear a 'sunglass', or buy one.


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    There's also the fact that it's the name of a business. Proper names aren't commanded by any rule to be "grammatically" correct. Why, instead of "We Are Toys," you could call your store "Toys 'Я' Us"!
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