sunglasses (plural or singular?)

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  1. tonywar Senior Member

    is it plural or singular?
    this sunglasses ? or
    these sunglasses

    "sunglass" does this word exist? or only sunglasses?

    how do you say it?

    i apprecciate any help from the masters
  2. SmallJosie Senior Member

    It only exists in the plural, like glasses (gafas).
  3. Rapek Senior Member

    That word is plural.
  4. tonywar Senior Member

    thankyou so much for your help
  5. Ms Missy Senior Member

    U.S. Virgin Islands
    USA English
    Yes, they are even referred to as "a pair" even though it's only one item. Ex: I bought a new pair of sunglasses/eyeglasses.

    PS. It's the same way with a "pair" of pants.
  6. maldureve New Member

    Chile Spanish
    The word is plural, it doesn't follow a singular way... just like SmallJosie says take the example of "Glasses".

    Best regards
  7. bellotojuanfra

    bellotojuanfra Senior Member

    Hola desde España!

    Tengo una regla (no siempre funciona). Muchos objetos que podrían "partirse por la mitad" en dos partes iguales tienen una única forma, siempre en plural.

    Trousers, pants, glasses, scissors, pliers...

    Un saludo.
  8. tonywar Senior Member

    gracias por la regla. facil de memorizar y usar!!

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