sunshine = sunlight

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    Hello everybody,
    Is there any difference between sunshine and sunlight or you can use them equally?
    Thank you, please correct my mistakes.
  2. Chez Senior Member

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    My dictionary suggests they are very similar in meaning, but that 'sunshine' perhaps has the connotation of 'warmth from the sun' as well as 'light from the sun'. But in most cases you can use them interchangeably, I think.
  3. JoyLo Member

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    Hi Chez,

    Sunlight is simply the light of the sun. Sunshine is the shining of the sun but also 'direct sunlight uninterrupted by cloud' (Oxford English Dictionary). Sunshine would be used more generally perhaps eg. "He sat in the sunshine". Sunlight would be used more specifically, eg We passed from sunlight into a darkened room".

    Hope that helps!

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