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High everybody.

Can you tell me, what the word ’Sup in the phrase: ‘Felix! Felix Cooper. ’Sup, bruv?’ means?
It is slang, as you understand. It is a beginning of a subchapter, so the reader does not know who speaks. The reader only knows that Felix is a young man of 32, a recovering addict putting his life back together ("NW" by Zadie Smith). Felix went for a walk and hears someone calling him.

Thanks in advance
  • Chasint

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    I meant google and dictionaries does not recognize '. That is what makes search difficult.
    Urban Dictionary can be useful for slang. Just be warned that entries can be made by anybody so not all of them are correct.

    Urban Dictionary: sup Note that there are 7 entries for sup and they all say the same. Also note that I didn't use an apostrophe.
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