Super sans plomb 95

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  1. Dublabla

    Dublabla Senior Member

    I need your helps.

    : Il prend du super sans plomb 95

    what does Super sans plomb 95 mean? super unleaded petrol?
    Then, what does number 95 mean?

    Merci d'avance.
  2. Grop

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    Hi, 95 is 95% of some complicated thing: see indice d'octane, here or there (where Super Unleaded is suggested).
  3. arundhati Senior Member

    French - France
    Yes you're right, "super" has to be compared to "essence ordinaire", a quality of petrol forgotten now.
    95 is the RON : Research Octane Number. It is relative to the ability of the petrol to resist to the explosion.
  4. Asr

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    Turquie :)
    I always get the same too, but never questioned what 95 was for. :D Merci for the info Grop even though I didn't get much of it. :p
  5. broglet

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    It is also known as its 'anti-knock rating'

    Super sans plomb 95 has the same anti-knock capacity as a mixture of 95% iso-octane and 5% normal heptane, by volume.
  6. Dublabla

    Dublabla Senior Member

    Merci mill fois à tous

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