superarse a sí mismo

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  1. Floor.Viic Senior Member

    Hola!! quisiera saber si en inglés existe alguna frase idiomática para expresar la idea de "superarse a si mismo"

    ¿O directamente se puede decir: "To improve oneself" or "self-develpment"?

    Muchas gracias
  2. Rose2001 Senior Member

    UK, English
    What's the context, exactly??
  3. Floor.Viic Senior Member

    For example, "Starting this proyect I was looking foward to improved myself.."

    "Empezando este proyecto, estaba buscaba superarme a mi mismo..."

    I don't know if I'm clear..
  4. Rose2001 Senior Member

    UK, English
    I was looking to improve myself/test myself/push myself (to the limit)/grow professionally.....


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