superhero franchises ?

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Hello Eeveryone,

The following passage is taken from YAHOO , I would like to know here the meaning of comedies can become summer event pics, and do as well as superhero franchises ?

The movie's performance marks a milestone for Hollywood, proving that comedies can become summer event pics, and do as well as superhero franchises. In addition to breaking several key records, "Hangover" also nabbed the fourth-best opening ever for Memorial Day

Does it mean that the comedies can become the most popular film in the summer and what people are most concerned is the superhero in the film and they may copy what they are dressing, what they do and what they say ?


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    It says that comedies can become just as popular and make as much money ("do as well as") as superhero franchises -- it's a comparison. Examples of superhero franchises are Spiderman and Batman and Iron Man. Superhero characters become a franchise when there are several movies and related merchandise on which to make money -- they become larger than single movies. Another examples of franchises (in this sense) would be Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean, although they're not specifically superheroes.

    If you would like to know about "event pics," please post in a new thread. Thank you.
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