Supply Chain

Hi everyone、皆さんこんにちは。:)

In order to say Supply Chain, can I use: 供給チェーン ? :confused:

Indeed, there is only: サプライチェーン and 供給プロセス as translations on Wordreference.

If 供給プロセス exists, I thought that 供給チェーン would be possible / understandable? :confused:

I don't want to use too much Katakana in my emails, as they are more difficult to read and understand for both foreigners and Japanese (based on my observations so far, at least). Moreover, Kanji give a more solemn, formal and academic touch to this word.

May you please let me know what do you think about the above? :thank you:

Thank you so much | どうもありがとうございます m(_ _)m
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  • Nobu.0

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    In fact "サプライチェーン" is a very widely used term in business in Japan. Conversely, i don't think anyone would understand "供給連鎖".

    "供給プロセス" doesn't sound too unfamiliar but it sounds like you are taking about manufacturing process specifically.


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    Only サプライチェーン makes sense to me.
    供給チェーン sounds like a coined word to my ears.

    Without any context and background, I imagine that 供給チェーン is an actual metal chain used for supply, used with a conveyor-belt.