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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Isapaola, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. Isapaola Senior Member

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    Back with my paranoia

    I have always problem to relate adjectives to nouns when there is a series of them. In this case, what is welcome? I suppose the relief: but how can some relief be rough-and-thumble, which should have a negative connotation?
    As you can see, I need your help.
    Thanks in advance, since I am sure I'll have an exhaustive answer.
  2. TimLA

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    This is difficult and very idiomatic

    supplying - giving
    welcome - something that is liked "that vacation was a welcome relief!"
    rough and tumble - these words are always together and mean "very lively", "action-packed"
    comedy - commedia
    relief - pausa, sollievo
  3. Isapaola Senior Member

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    Thank you Tim, someone I can always trust, but how can all that sentence go? More or less I could give a sense to the words taken one by one, but I can't connect them with a proper sense.
    I know it is my lack of judgement, but I still can't see how to tranlate it.
    What about giving the same meaning with other words? Can you help?:eek:
  4. Fedora

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    The sentence means that the person (or whatever depending on context) did something funny or made a joke that was either lively or crude (depending on context) which broke the tension or sadness or whatever (again depending on context) giving them a moment of levity.

    As for your question before: welcome goes with comedy relief. This is what I would use even though I'm sure that I will have made many mistakes:

    supplying: fornendo
    welcome: benvenuto/gradito
    rough and tumble: depending on context it could either be crude humor (farting, burping the alphabet, etc.) or just lively and action packed as Tim said
    comedy relief: WR gives momento divertente for comic relief

    I hope that helps. If it does can you post the sentence you came up with:)
  5. Isapaola Senior Member

    Italian Italy
    Thanks Flora: I think your interpretation is perfect. Putting together your suggestion and Tim's I could say that
    fornendo un sospirato, e consistente, momento divertente might be OK. The double -ente is a bit cacophonous but it sounds meaningful.
  6. pomello Senior Member

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    Non è letterale, ma ti potrebbe interessare qualcosa tipo:"regalando un sospirato momento di volgare comicità"

    edit: forse "volgare" è un po' forte, ma...
  7. Fedora

    Fedora Senior Member

    Ft. Worth, Texas, USA
    Can someone explain why welcome was translated as sospirato?

    I know that sospirare means sigh and can also mean yearn for in certain cases but why was it used here to mean welcome?

  8. Bookmom

    Bookmom Senior Member

    This is a very nice translation, I'd only say that I like the sound of "regalando un sospirato..." because it really gives the feeling of a welcome and much needed moment of "comic relief" - and "comic relief" is an expression I would try to keep intact since it's used frequently and is so meaningful in English. Does sollievo comico make sense?
    As for rough and tumble, I looked up romp, frolick, cavort, rollick - acting in a carefree, joyous manner - and I came up with no translations at all!
  9. pomello Senior Member

    italian italy
    Unforutnately "sollievo comico" sounds a little weird (even though it makes sense). But consider that "regalando un sospirato" express the idea of relief more than well.
  10. pomello Senior Member

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    In Italiano è molto comune l'espressione "Che sospiro di sollievo!". Il sospiro è associato all'idea del sollievo da questa espressione. Certo, il sospiro è associato anche alla malinconia, alla tristezza etc. Comunque una cosa (un evento) è "sopirata/o" quando è stata attesa con leggera sofferenza. Dopodichè arriva il sollievo!
  11. Fedora

    Fedora Senior Member

    Ft. Worth, Texas, USA
    Grazie per la spiegazione :)
  12. Isapaola Senior Member

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    That's why I have translated with sospirato, which is exactly what your explanation suggested to my Italian earing.
    Sospirato, or sometimes agognato (which has nothing to do with gogna!!!) is something you have been looking forward to.
    Sorry for crossing with Pomello, whose post is absolutely explicative, but as I was the one who used sospirato as a conclusion of your perfect analysis of the sentence I felt I had to explain myself.
    As for the comment of Bookmom I should say that solllievo comico are two words that I have never seen together: I should keep the meaning, though changing the words, saying momento divertente, momento rilassante, or even something like un momento di divertito sollievo, but it is quite unusual.Thanks to all.
  13. Fedora

    Fedora Senior Member

    Ft. Worth, Texas, USA
    Thanks for the additional explanation and also for the new words:) (sospirato and agognato)

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