surf on the Mediterranean or in the Mediterranean

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Hello everyone,

I am a bit confused about the preposition I should use in the following sentence. Which would you say is correct?

I surf in The Mediterranean.
I surf on The Mediterranean.

Thank you so much.
  • Barque

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    You need "in" and "the" doesn't need to be capitalised.

    I surf in the Mediterranean.

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    Welcome to the forum. :)

    I think you can say both.

    I surf in The Mediterranean. This means that you surf in the Mediterranean area. (Which is pretty big. It includes the coastlines of much of Spain and France; Italy, Greece . . . and so on.) For this meaning, perhaps more natural would be 'I surf around the Mediterranean'.

    I surf on The Mediterranean. This means that you surf somewhere on the sea itself.



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    I would prefer "in," but "on" doesn't sound too odd to me.

    Thinking about it, I would say that I prefer "sail on the Mediterranean" to "sail in the Mediterranean," however.

    In either case, it would also work to say "I surf/sail the Mediterranean," though someone could conceivably find that a bit pretentious — unless you really do surf or sail all over the sea.
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