surf the asphalt

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Hi, I'm working on a confidential file, can someone help me understand what do they mean by "surf the asphalt" in this context?

Panels of anorak padding fit onto the bodies and sleeves of perfectly reversible coats. Shirts buttoned in the back are reminiscent of t-shirts, while print and colour striped sweaters recall rugby shirts. Finally, the tailcoat is now worn for daytime with high top jersey boots to surf the asphalt.

It is an article on Lanvin men's collection.

Thank you
  • owlman5

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    After looking at a picture of "jersey boots", I think it means "to ride motorcycles". Why anybody would need a "tailcoat" to do this is beyond my imagination. I also can't imagine why anybody would wear these boots and clothes while skateboarding, which was also my first assumption about what "surf the asphalt" meant.
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    I agree with Beryl: it means walking down the asphalt street while
    - looking as cool, attractive etc as a stereotypical surfer,
    - using the street as your wave for the performance that is life,
    - using the street and its life as your information tool or source of inspiration like one uses the internet when surfing the net

    Sparky Malarky

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    I agree with Teddy. Why "surf"? This sounds to me like surfing the net (browsing the Internet for no particular purpose, but just to see what you can find), channel surfing (flipping through television channels to see what's on), and mall surfing (going to a shopping mall just to hang out and see what you can find). These are clothes to wear while hanging out on the streets, hoping to see and be seen, and so impress your friends.
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