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    Je trouve la phrase suivante : "Ms Fishel quickly did a U-turn and gave chase. She stayed with the Jeep on surface streets and caught the driver on a highway in Dawson County" (NYT - Oct 08)

    Je voudrais savoir si "surface streets" a un sens particulier ou si cela s'oppose éventuellement à des ... "underground streets" !!?? Pourquoi le journaliste donne-t-il cette précision à votre avis ?

    Je vous remercie de votre aide.

    Thanks. : )
  2. Gutenberg

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    Surface street

    Definition: A surface street is a standard road that runs at ground level. This term is generally used to differentiate a particular road from a freeway.
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    Thanks very much Gutenberg, that's exactly what I needed !

    Cheers : )
  4. funnyhat Senior Member

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    Nowadays, the term doesn't have much to do with the level of the road. It's generally used just to describe any road or street that is not a highway/freeway.
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    Thanks Funnyhat for the precision. I appreciate.

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