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Hello, I'm reading some min-texts in my school book of Sydney's famous places to visit. One of them is Bondi beach.

It says: The two-hour group lesson will teach you how to understand "surfing conditions" and to practice your technique before you get into the water.

I know what surfing is, it's some kind of water sport, but what is a surfing condition/conditions? Condition as just a word means a state, maybe of healthy, does that mean that I have to be healthy enough to go surfing? Or there's something else?

Thank you very much in advance!
  • PaulQ

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    "surfing conditions"-> the condition of the sea when you are surfing - the size and speed of the waves; the strength and direction of the tide; the strength and direction of the wind, the temperature, the season, any rocks in the area, whether there is a shelf or shallows near the beach, whether there is any undertow and/or a current; are their likely to be sharks? Etc.
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