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Hello all!
I am creating a text for a hospital.
1) If a hospital has various surgical options/after care to choose from, would you say "surgical pack," "surgical packages" or "surgical options?

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Thank you all!
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  • sra.irias

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    Here you go:
    "We offer Urology Surgical Packs that provide great economical benefits, certainty of hospital costs and flexible administrative procedures."

    Does this make sense? Would you replace packs?

    For US English.


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    Yes, I would replace packs. A surgical pack brings to mind some sort of physical bag or case holding surgical instruments for transport. I'm not sure what word would be used here because it's a foreign concept to me. I don't believe we have such an offering here. Perhaps "we offer various levels of pre- and post-operational care depending on your needs and budget."


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    In this case, I would use "Urology Surgery Packages," not "Surgical Packages." In this specific instance, using the noun is acceptable and makes it more clear to the English speaker what the package refers to.


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    Are these "packs" being offered to patients? To physicians? More information would help; if you are creating the text for the hospital, surely the hospital has told you what the packs are! Also: What do you mean by "a text for a hospital"? Where will this text appear? And: Where is the hospital located?


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    Please .... "urological surgery" not "urology surgery" :( or you could even use the word that urosurgeons (and other doctors) use - "urosurgical".
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