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  1. MPA Senior Member

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    I know that орёл means eagle, and for me I understand that the surname relative to this word is Orlov, but I saw a character who was named Orelov. So, my ask is: Are Orlov and Orelov the same surname? If do not, what the meaning of them?P.S.: Sorry for do not use the cyrillic alphabet.
  2. Maroseika Moderator

    You are right about Орлов < орел, but Орёлов or Орелов look quite unnatural as originating from орёл. Mist likely it is from some other word, maybe not Russian (maybe from Hebrew Ариель or Аарон?).
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  3. lectrice Senior Member

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    "...Фамилия Орелов произошла от еврейского мужского имени Аарон. Окончание -ов обозначает принадлежность. Таким образом, Орелов переводится как сын Аарона..."
  4. MPA Senior Member

    Portuguese (Brazilian)
    It do not make phonetical sense to me... but, if it is the meaning, it is ok.
  5. Maroseika Moderator

    It's just a version, not very well grounded.
    But what's for sure is that Орелов could not originate from орёл (the more so it is not Орёлов, but Орелов).
  6. Sobakus Senior Member

    Seeing as it's a character, it's not improbable this simply is the author's attempt to come up with a Russian-sounding surename.

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