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from Time weekly,

-Bush may also be alienating the very people he is reaching out to by suggesting Washington will be Cuba's post-Castro arbiter. In the eyes of ordinary Cuban citizens, that is perceived as surrogacy for the Miami Cuban exile community — whose anti-Castro hardliners, with their dreams of resurrecting a pre-Castro Cuba, are as disliked by many Cubans on the island as the Castros themselves are.-

Sorry, i am out of shape today, a don't understand anything.
No more question today.

  • Thomas Tompion

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    The WR dictionary defines a surrogate as a person appointed to represent or act on behalf of others.

    If Bush tells Cubans that Washington will act as their arbiter in the event of Castro's death, he can be seen as acting on behalf of the anti-Castro Cuban exiles in Florida, and this antagonizes the Cubans in Cuba, who don't want a return to the status quo ante.


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    that is perceived as surrogacy for the Miami Cuban exile community = that is perceived as acting in the interest (or representing the interests of) the Miami Cuban exile communitiy.

    Bush is trying to reach out the Cubans in Cuba, but when he says the US will be a mediator for Cuban affairs after Castro, he is perceived as representing the interests of the Miami exiles. Among the exiles, the hardlines are disliked almost as much as the Castros (family?) are --- or so claims this magazine.
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