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    As a holocaust memorial tattoo, instead of getting my grandfathers serial number i would rather write one or two meaningful words, to the effect that no mental or physical prison truly impedes our liberty. I was thinking "survive mercifully" as a gentle but bracing reminder. What would be the best translation of this?
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    Although you do explain the context I don't understand how "survive mercifully" relates to "the effect that no mental or physical prison truly impedes our liberty". Could you please explain a bit more what your tatoo is to mean?
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    Polska / Poland
    polski / Polish
    i must say i've seen such phrases before ('… mercifully') but i couldn't understand them well—the same here—word 'mercifully' has meaning 'maybe cruel but not delivering suffer', checking the dictionary: 'in a kind or merciful [i.e. forgiving] way' and 'compassionate, giving relief'. those seem to be little bit off for me (łaskawie przeżyć? quite strange…).

    another meaning—maybe the one—is 'in a good or lucky way' or 'fortunately' then it would be probably just szcześliwie przeżyć which would be then understood rather as 'survive successfully/fortunately/luckily'. i guess that this might be intended meaning and suggest to wait for more opinions/suggestions.

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