Susan was wearing black jeans.

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I saw the following in my grammar book:
1.I've seen some good movies recently. (not I've seen good movies)
2.Susan was wearing black jeans.

The book says both sentences are right.According to sentence 1, sentence 2 should be 'Susan was wearing some/a pair of black jeans.'right?
I'm confused about it.In my opinion,if uses plural countable nouns alone,I will think it means in general.
Thanks in advance.
  • entangledbank

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    There is a quantity in 1 but not in 2. In 1, I've seen a certain number of good movies: three or five, perhaps. 'Some' stands for an unstated number. In 2, you could use 'some', but it's not needed. You're not saying she's wearing a small number of pairs of jeans.


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    Both of those are good sentences as long as they're used in a context where the exact number is not important.

    For example:
    A: There are no good movies being made anymore. Everything I've seen recently has stunk.
    B: I disagree. I've seen good movies recently.

    A: I'd like to rent a car, but someone told me that all of yours were taken.
    B: That person was wrong. I have cars.

    In the case of wearing pants, there's really no chance that a person is wearing more than one pair of pants (or more than one pair of glasses, or socks, or shoes), so we don't need to specify the number.
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