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    Hi, I work at a special education law firm and I often translate for Spanish-speaking parents. One of the terms I've had difficulty figuring out how to say is "suspected disability." When a school conducts an evaluation of a disabled child and writes up an IEP (individualized education plan) the school must evaluate the child in "all areas of suspected disability" (e.g. speech, physical disability, mental, etc.)

    So far I have just been saying: "todos los campos de incapacidad" but I feel like there is probably a sufficient adjective to describe "suspected." However, "incapacidades sospechadas" doesn't sound right to me. Perhaps "incapacidades presumidas" or "todos los campos existentes de incapacidad?"

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    I would have probably automatically have said "sospechadas", but I think that "presumida" sounds better.
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    Opino "presunta" o "posible discapacidad".
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  5. "Posible discapacidad", considering the context.

    The school conducts the evaluation of a child to determine whether there is a disability involded or not, so as to apply the most adequate and appropriate teaching methods in each case.

    "Presunta discapacidad" has a different connotation - negative in many cases - indicating that such condition is been questioned or disputed. Sometimes in cases of feigned or exaggerated medical problems for compensation or service-avoidance, or to receive some payment from an insurance policy or pension plan. In other cases, as an extenuating or mitigating circumstance to exclude or reduce responsibility for criminal activity before a court.
  6. Sorry CertInterp, but neither "incapacidades sospechadas" nor "incapacidades presumidas" are correct Spanish.
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    Thanks for your detailed explanation!

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