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    Hello all
    I need some help translating the following;

    Tra i brani lo scenario passa dall’amore ( immancabile per l’artista) al terrorismo, alla rabbia, alla solitudine, alla dolcezza con tutte le sfumature che ne susseguono.

    I thought perhaps and all their subsequent shades ??

    thanks in advance.

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    Hi Jumpinjellyfish and welcome to the forum!

    Many ways to handle it, and I think your interpretation is fine.
    Others might be:
    ...with all of the associated nuances.
    ...with all of the nuances that follow.
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  3. jumpinjellyfish New Member

    British English
    Thanks for the welcome Timla and thanks for the suggestions. Associated; I like it! I find it to be much more appropriate in this context.

    thanks again. :)

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