Sustainable development corporation

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  1. Jezza_Price Member

    I'm not sure how to say this:
    sustainable development corporation

    context: 'They are a sustainable development corporation whose mission is to....'

    thank you
  2. Kajjo

    Kajjo Senior Member

    sustainable development = nachhaltige Entwicklung
    (nachhaltig hier im Sinne von umweltverträglich)

    ...ein Unternehmen/eine Gesellschaft für nachhaltige Entwicklung...
  3. alanla

    alanla Senior Member

    Since nobody has attempted an answer yet, let me suggest something in order to get things started:
    [Sorry, Kjjo beat me to it.]

    a sustainable development corporation whose mission is to...
    ein nachhaltiges Entwicklungsunternehmen, deren Aufgabe es ist…
    eine nachhaltige Entwicklungsgesellshaft, deren Aufgabe es ist…

    Ich bin etwas aus der Übung.
    lWarten wir mal auf einen Muttersprachler, um festzustellen, ob diese Antwort taugt oder nicht.
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  4. djweaverbeaver Senior Member

    English Atlanta, GA USA
    Achtung! Dessen and deren or relative pronouns in the genitive case and must agree with their antecedent in the main clause, not with the noun that comes after them. Unternehmen is neuter, so

    ein nachhaltiges Entwicklungsunternehmen, dessen Aufgabe es ist…

    I think you knew this, you just forgot in the heat of the moment. That said, I like Kajjo's syntax much better.
  5. alanla

    alanla Senior Member

    No, djweaverbeaver, just plain wrong. About to review my German after 3o years!
    See it now—agree.
    Thanks for the considerate correction. Seriously, very nice of you.
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