Sustainable development is undeniably becoming an <economic>/<economical> issue.


Sustainable development is undeniably becoming an ... issue.

a) economical
b) economic
c) economist
d) economically

I choose the correct answer "Economic" but I would like to know why not "economical" given that it is also an adjective?

  • Keith Bradford

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    If you check in the WordReference dictionary, you'll find that economical means avoiding waste; thrifty; producing or resulting in profit or savings. Not the same as economic (of or relating to the production, distribution, and use of income, wealth, and goods and services; of or relating to the science of economics).

    I don't buy into the Random House definition that economical = economic. In Britain that is considered a solecism.


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    Economical can be used instead of economic (especially in writing), but it is normally used in the sense of not wasting resources.
    Example: This is an economical solution to the problem (it saves money).


    Thanks for your answers both of you, I also checked like you said on wordreference and now I got it
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