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    I'm not entirely sure what sutia means here:

    My translation of the second sentence: "According to the magazine Autosport, Räikkönen's tires spun[?] a great deal at the start."

    According to one dictionary, sutia means pyöriä tyhjää "to spin emptily(?)", but I'm still not completely sure what that means. Is sutia used when the wheels spin loosely, without actually propelling the car (or other vehicle) forward?

    (And if that's what sutia means, why would this happen on a race track, unless the wheels were extremely loose, or the track was slippery? En näet ole hyvin perillä autoilusta ...)

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  2. MaijaPoppanen Senior Member

    Yes it is.

    It happens if the track is slippery or if the electronics of the (race) car doesn't work properly. If the car doesn't have electronics to control the throttle, it happens when you press the accelerator too heavily.

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