svoje táta/svůj táta

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In the following, I think that the possessive pronoun should agree with the grammatical gender of "táta", but I'm not 100% sure.
It someone could confirm this for me, I would appreciate it.

Myslím, že to byl svoje táta, který oslavil 60. narozeniny.
I think it was was your dad (i.e., not your husband's dad), who celebrated his 60th birthday.

Thank you.
  • Mori.cze

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    Hi artimedoros,

    yes, the gender must agree, "táta" is masculine, so the correct form of the pronoun would be masculine "svůj". "Svůj", however, is a possessive in favour of the sentence subject, in this case the dad celebrating his birsday, so you cannot use it here. The correct pronoun here is "tvůj" (unless of course you have a time machine and the man you are speaking about really is his own father:)
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