Swahili: Ninaomba msamaha


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Hi, anybody could me translate those words (from Kisuaheli)? Thanks.
Salut, svp. quelqu'un me pourrait traduire ces mots (du Kisuaheli)? Merci.

nalomba musamaha
  • It's hard to tell what you're saying because of spelling issues. In the future I recommend spelling Kisuaheli as "Swahili" in the English language, or "Kiswahili" in the Swahili language so that Swahili buffs can find your posts.

    "Nalomba" isn't a word. But if you're saying "Ninaomba", it could mean the following depending on the context:

    I am requesting...
    I would like...
    I am begging you for...
    Please give me...

    If you're sure there was an "L" sound in there somewhere, it could've been "niliomba", which is the same as all of the above, but only past tense.

    And "musamaha" isn't a word, but "msamaha" is. I'm assuming you heard it somewhere and didn't see it written. That "m" sound at the beginning of words will take a while to get used to. "msamaha" means "forgiveness".

    So maybe... "I am begging for your forgiveness."
    Thanks a lot, BwanaKanisa. This text was in an e-mail. The major part is written in french which is my penfriend's mother tongue. Probably the mistakes are just because of that, he understands and speaks swahili, but maybe not correctly.
    I think the translation you gave is right.