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  1. UncleDako New Member

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    What does swak from "swak na swak" show mean?
  2. DotterKat Moderator

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    Swak na swak is a colloquialism that means something that is right on the money, fits perfectly, just right, perfectly suited, etc.
    The complete phrase can be applied to almost anything or anyone, in an informal sense. Let's say:

    Swak na swak ang suot niya kahapon. --- What he / she wore yesterday was (just right / just perfect).
    Ang mga luto ni nanay ay talagang swak na swak. ---- Mother's cooking / dishes are simply perfect.
    Ang kanyang trabaho ay swak na swak para sa kanya. ---- His / Her job is perfectly suited for him.
    Ang kasagutang ito ay swak na swak. ---- This answer is right on the money.

    Again, this colloquialism is best suited for less than formal conversations (Ang swak na swak ay swak na swak sa impormal na pagsasalita o karaniwang pag-uusap).
  3. UncleDako New Member

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    Marami Salamat for the answer. Ang iyong tugon ay swak na swak
  4. mataripis

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    other Tagalog words for "Swak" are 1.) Tama' 2.) Wasto 3.) Tumpak 4.) Akma' 5.) Tugma' or ugma'
  5. rockjon Senior Member

    Couldn't bagay or bagay na bagay also be used in place for swak?
  6. DotterKat Moderator

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    Yes, both of those terms mean the same thing as swak na swak. However, in a gradation of tone and formality, the words suggested by mataripis would skew towards the more formal, your suggestion bagay or bagay na bagay would be midway between formal and informal and swak na swak would be squarely informal.
  7. go_neybee New Member

    As far as I know, swak is slang for the word PA-SOK' (accent on the second syllable), meaning "fitting" (like a piece of a puzzle that fits).

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