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What is the difference betwen swallow and swell :
- I swallow the pill
- I took the swallow of the cake
-The swallow ( a bird I beleive) flew from one tree to another
- My leg swelled after I hit the table
- My leg has swollen

Is the above correct?

Mnay thanKS
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    For the first two use this definition:
    to take into the stomach by drawing through the throat and esophagus with a voluntary muscular action, as food, drink, or other substances.
    *In the second sentence it should be I took a bite of the cake*

    The third one does refer to a bird.
    Any of various similar birds, such as a swift.

    The last to use a totally different word, to swell
    to grow in bulk, as by the absorption of moisture or the processes of growth.
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