Swamp Bulgarians

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Hi everyone

"We have the Chicksaw and the Choctaw and your Swamp Bulgarians" (Canada, by R. Ford)

This guy is trying to say to his children that, as in Montana, in Alabama (his birthplace) too they have their own Indians.

Did I make myself clear enough? Just can't figure out this "swamp bulgarians". Any help, please?

Thanks for your time

  • I suspect it's just a humorous choice of nations, somewhere that sounds exotic. Just as we say, "He's gone to Timbuktu [far away place]."
    In other words, he means, the rather different, even exotic 'swamp people,' likely white Americans, in Alabama.

    It might be noted that 'bulgarians' sounds like 'vulgarians,' so there may be a bit of demeaning going on, besides what I said above.

    ADDED: On second thought, there ARE Bulgarians in Alabama, and contacts with Bulgaria, as noted in this article. So the reference
    may be to actual immigrants.

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