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  1. ShaggyVinny Senior Member

    Dear all,

    Wetlands can be classified in 4 different categories: Swamps, marshes, bogs and fens.

    However, when I try to find a french equivalent for each of them, I always end up with "Marais/Marécage".

    Surely, the science of humid biomes must find its way into the language of Voltaire...

    Does someone know an appropriate translation for each of these words?

    Thank you
  2. atcheque Senior Member

    français (France)

    Ah ! un confrère :)
    marsh, c'est la marais herbacé ;
    swamp, le marécage boisé ;
    bog, la tourbière, humide marécageuse (marais);
    fen, est une tourbière drainée, Tourbière minérotrophe — Wikipédia, due à l'accumulation de tourbe.

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