swatch of ground

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I was, but at least I wasn’t frightened anymore. Angry is what I was. Here I sat in a gigantic house surrounded by a gigantic swatch of ground that no doubt included a gigantic swimming pool and a golf course –perhaps now too overgrown to be playable, but still part of the estate.
Source: Revival by Stephen King
Context: Jamie is at Pastor Jacobs' estate. He is the narrator.

I understand that swatch = area or surface. However, when I googled it, the expression swaths/swathes of ground kept popping up.

I wonder whether swatch of ground is a typo for swaths of ground. What would be the difference between a swatch of ground and a swath of ground.

Thank you.
  • kentix

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    In this context, I think it might be a made up word that's a combination of swath and patch.

    Alternatively, it's just the wrong word choice.


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    I thought about that, too, Trochfa. It just seemed too far a stretch, though.


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    I don't know kentix......but Stephen King certainly likes stretching things quite a bit! :)
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