swear to well and truly interpret proceedings

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    Do you swear to well and truly interpret these proceedings, so help you God?

    ¿Vd. jura interpretar bien y verdaderamente estos procesos judiciales, que lo ampare Dios? It's a bit odd in English, but it's a formal court setting, so it makes sense that it'd sound like a bit odd.

    Also: I thought of: de forma verdadera, and maybe just: (1) proceso judicial in singular or (2) estas acciones judiciales?

    Any ideas on how to translate this common court phrase? Is there anything set you may know of?

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    Mi sugerencia:
    ¿Jura interpretar de forma correcta y verdadera estos procedimientos judiciales, con la ayuda de Dios?
  3. mewilson Senior Member

    I just say: ¿Jura (usted) ante Dios interpretar fielmente estas actuaciones/procedimientos?
    I think the adverb "well" in the English original is redundant and vague, so can be safely omitted in the translation/interpretation.

  4. Fruche Senior Member

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    Yo creo que tu traduccion es correcta. Dices que suena "odd" en Ingles, y es bien cierto. Este tipo de juramento me suena un tanto injusto tambien. Aca en Australia el juramento es "Do you swear by Almighty God that you will interpret these proceeding to the best of your ability? If so, say "I do"". Si se presenta un problema sobre la exactitud de la interpretacion, el interprete en Australia no tiene la responsabilidad bajo la ley que tendria el interprete de donde sacaste ese juramento. Dado el ambiente de litigio actual en los paises de habla inglesa, ese juramento es un "can of worms".

    De nuevo, tu traduccion me parece correcta.

    Saludos y Feliz Anho Nuevo,

  5. olimpia91 Banned

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    ¿Pero no es well and truly una expresión idiomática que significa completely?

    Yo diría "Jura Ud. interpretar integralmente..."
  6. David

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    In my experience, there are a great many interpreters who have every intention of, and make every effort to, translate "truly," but could not in a month of Sundays do it "well," because they lack the requisite knowledge, especially when translating from their own native languages into a foreign language for the benefit of some defendant.

    How many times have you heard an interpreter create bitter disappointment and contemptible confusion by informing a criminal defendant that the charge against him was archivado, "dismissed," when nothing of the kind has occurred, simply because the interpreter thinks archivar means "to file" (presentar, llamar a juicio, etc.)

    "Well and truly" is a very old and elegant phrase, and the well is anything but vague or redundant. Alas, it generally expresses an aspiration, not a reality.
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