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Hi everyone!
I have a term here that I've never heard before. It's in a recipe book. They say: "sweat the onion":confused:
here's the full sentence: "
Sweat the onion, watercress and potato with the oil in a covered pan for about 7 minutes"

How would you say that in French? (this word is making me sweat...)

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    sweat: (in cooking)
    To cook food, generally vegetables, over a low heat, using a small amount of fat (butter is often used, or a half-half mix of butter and olive oil). This method softens, draws out any natural juices, and helps develop flavour.

    c'est quoi la traduction en français pour le mots 'sweat' ici?


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    Voici la définition suer ou faire suer (sweat):
    Faire revenir un élément (viande ou légume) dans un récipient couvert, à feu doux, pour évacuer l'humidité et lui faire rendre ses sucs. Se fait à sec (en général) ou avec un corps gras.
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