Swedish: Älskling - used between a parent and child?

Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by panda88, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. panda88 New Member

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    Hi! :)
    I understand that the word 'älskling' in Swedish translates to something like 'darling' or 'honey', but I haven't been able to find whether it is a word that is used only in a romantic context, or if it is the sort of endearment that could be used by, for example, a mother to her daughter (as 'honey' might be used in English). If not, is there another term of endearment that would work better in this context?
    Thank you in advance!
  2. Sepia Senior Member

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    It wouldn't disturb me - it has its equivalents also in Danish - and even in English: Some British women seem to call everybody "love" - I have been addressed like that even by shop attendants, in shops where I had never been before in my life. I think it is a universal north-european thing that we can do that and everybody finds it OK.
  3. MattiasNYC Senior Member

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    I wouldn't react if I heard it between parent and child. Sounds fine to me.
  4. petrichor-3 New Member

    My mother says "Mina älsklingar" sometimes when talking to me and my brother just as a reminder that she loves us. So at least it's fine in my family!
  5. panda88 New Member

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    Thank you very much, everyone! I appreciate the help! :)

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