Swedish: Älskling - used between a parent and child?


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Hi! :)
I understand that the word 'älskling' in Swedish translates to something like 'darling' or 'honey', but I haven't been able to find whether it is a word that is used only in a romantic context, or if it is the sort of endearment that could be used by, for example, a mother to her daughter (as 'honey' might be used in English). If not, is there another term of endearment that would work better in this context?
Thank you in advance!
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    It wouldn't disturb me - it has its equivalents also in Danish - and even in English: Some British women seem to call everybody "love" - I have been addressed like that even by shop attendants, in shops where I had never been before in my life. I think it is a universal north-european thing that we can do that and everybody finds it OK.


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    My mother says "Mina älsklingar" sometimes when talking to me and my brother just as a reminder that she loves us. So at least it's fine in my family!
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