Swedish: Å andra sidan är malmöitiska kebaber riktigt bra

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  1. Hi! A friend of mine wrote this:

    Bäst att passa på att göra sådana saker som inte går att göra efter tillbakaflytten till Malmö. Å andra sidan är malmöitiska kebaber riktigt bra.

    I believe he is talking about flying back to Malmö and eating kebab there, but I don't speak Swedish so I don't understand much else.

    I think "riktigt" means something like "good" or "right" and "malmöitiska kebaber" refers to kebabs made in Malmö. Is he hoping kebabs will be good in Malmö?

    Could you please help me understanding what he wrote a bit better?

    Thanks in advance. I'm fascinated by foreign languages. I think Swedish is very beautiful and that I should learn it one day.
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    This is what he's saying, hastily translated:

    I'd better seize the opportunity to do things I can't do once I've moved back to Malmö. On the other hand, kebabs in Malmö are really good.

    Presumably he regrets having to leave, but looks forward to the tasty kebabs you can get in Malmö.

    Background info: He's right about the kebabs! :D Malmö is full of kebab eating places, sometimes they're proper restaurants where you can sit and eat, but often they're just a 'hole in the wall' or a mobile hut for take-away kebabs.
  3. I see! It makes sense. :) Thank you very much for the kind help!
  4. JeanJean Member

    Riktigt in this context means like "really" good kebabs in Malmo.
  5. Begonias Member

    I think riktigt in this context should be translated as quite. On the other hand the kebabs' in Malmö are quite good.
    The usage of malmöitiska would be the equivalent to saying Parisian for something or someone from Paris.
    This is what I think and if someone knows better than I please correct me.
  6. Begonias Member

    I have to correct myself. The usage of quite in this context is wrong. It suggests that the kebabs in Malmö are only fairly good when this person obviously is praising the kebabs in Malmö. I think I brought my own opinion of the kebabs in Malmö to the table when trying to help you out with the translation. Sorry. I agree with JeanJean riktigt in this context is really. But the usage of malmöitiska, I think, is still the equivalent of saying Parisian for something or someone from Paris.

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