Swedish: ä, å, a?

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  • Lars H

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    Vad är skillnaden på uttalet emellan "ä", "å" och "a"?

    The examples below are a bit too crude and inexact to give a perfect Swedish pronounciation, but they can show how you can make sure your wovels are well understood:

    "Ä" is pronounced like you would say "hedge" or "fair". It is not far from how
    Americans pronounce "a" as in can't. In British English that particular "a" would be pronounced more similar to Swedish "a"

    "Å" is close to "tall", "audition" or "fork"

    "A" in Swedish is different from American English. Like you say "karate" or British English for "Master" or "fast". But then I think that "darling" also in the US has an a-sound close to Swedish.

    Ursäkta. Nu skrev jag på svenska av bara farten...


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    And you can listen to every channel - regional or national - of the public Swedish radio broadcasting service on the internet, and even download old radio shows.

    There are a lot more possibilities to hear what a language really sounds like than there was a couple of decades ago. (We had short wave radio, though).


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    It's worth mentioning, that Lars' explanation, although very good, just covers the pronounciation of the long vowels, there are also short counterparts for each vowel.
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